Technology totally strutted its stuff when Penpreneur Associates (againts all odds), conducted an interview with our Startup Feature for the month of February, over a very smooth video conversation with popular contemporary singer – Abiola ‘Dozan’ Fadayomi who thrilled us all to consistent hits such as “Oshomo“, ”Wedding Day”, “Beautiful Day“, back in the 2000’s.

To a lot of his fans (including us), the very talented singer/producer/entertainer simply went off the grid, without saying goodbye.

It was therefore a very pleasant surprise when one of our partners recently found him on social media and managed to convince him to grant us an interview, even though he now lives far away in Maryland, USA.

On the agreed day of interview, sitting next to his beautiful wife and two adorable daughters, Mr Fadayomi looked crisp and unruffled in his cream coloured sports suit, coolly letting us into his newly acquired wealth of knowledge and perceptions.

His general ambience was a total contrast from what we remember him to be back in the 2000’s. He was cooler, healthier, sounded more intellectual and he had definitely been through a spiritual upgrade this past few years.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the rebirth of Evang. Abiola ‘Dozan’ Fadayomi, the widely acclaimed singer/producer you’ve missed so much.


What is your name and tell us a little about yourself?
What do you do as a profession?
Of all the ways to be creative, why music?
What kind of music do you specialize in?
This must have been hard. How exactly were you able to pull this off?
How did you venture into music in the first place?
How did you come about your style?
Is your brand only limited to music?
How have you been able to juggle these multifarious industries with your religion?
Have you released any album yet?
Who are your target audience exactly?
So would you consider yourself a success now?
What would you say is your unique edge and why can’t it be copied?
How do you push through your worst times?
Where do you see Nigerian Music in the next few years?
What is your advice to youths who want to go into music abroad abroad like you?

You can find Evang. Abiola ‘Dozan’ Fadayomi on the following social media platforms;
Instagram: Dozan_abiola                            Twitter: @DozanAbiola

Facebook: Fadayomi Abiola Dozan            Youtube: Dozan Gospel Music

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