Hi. Quick chat about JOY?

Seyi was five years old when he realized the pain his mother constantly went through. Shortly after his birth, she had lost her job at Shell as a Senior Administrative Secretary. Months after, she lost her husband. It felt like the universe was seeking undue revenge on them. She had to work round the clock just to ensure Seyi and his twin sister were cared for after the demise of Mr Bankole.

In spite of the many unfortunate occurrences, it was difficult to understand Ms Bankole’s poise. She was the most joyful woman he ever saw. One minute, she was weeping about how she was humiliated by her boss because of her refusal to heed to his sexual urges and the unreasonable deductions in her salary, the next, you could see the joy that she expressed having ‘won a soul for God’ as she’d usually say. She was full of joy. This woman must be crazy he wondered. He was confused at how she managed to ‘live for Jesus’ as her mantra was despite the obvious sufferings. She wasn’t normal. He could remember vividly when his neighbour’s Father got robbed of all his possessions. Although he was a Pastor in a Pentecostal church, he felt disappointed in God and resigned from pastoring. Yet, his mum who wasn’t a pastor despite the unfortunate incidences seemed unperturbed. All of these didn’t make sense to him.

It took 10 long years to fully understand Ms Bankole’s actions. Seyi had this to say while giving a TED talk at Stanford University last year.

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Life has never been a smooth ride. It certainly will be filled with its ups and downs. Indeed, bad things happen. They happen to every one of us – good & bad alike. It’s called life! Hopes dashed, plans squashed… Yet, WE MOVE! It becomes necessary not to ‘die there’. Get up, pick up what’s left. Learn from the possible lessons and GBERA (as we say in razz Yoruba). We learn to get over the situation by finding a bigger purpose for living than in things… ”

You see, your joy should never be in things, persons or circumstances… Cos, things can fade, people can disappoint. As a believer, joy is what you’ve got! It is a fruit of your spirit. Get set for the bad days. Ensure your mind is well positioned. Decide now that nothing, absolutely nothing will be worth stealing your joy. At some point, I had to imagine the worst likely occurrence as regards some relationship and I made up my mind to be fine even if it happened! You see, it did happen, I really cried that day and months after, I AM FINE. Lol.

Yes, believe the best! Speak right filled words!

However, remember, life happens!

What your response will be in those difficult moments is as a result of decisions made now. You must make up your mind to be unshaking, unmoving. Nothing will be worth leaving you feeling terrible about yourself, nothing will be worth making you feel tired of life and throwing in the towel. Decide to be FULL OF JOY. Decide that nothing will be worth pulling you down – job loss, demise of a loved one, failure – NOTHING.



From a fellow sojourner.
Awobeku Dapo.

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