Agatha Amata shared a personal story on Teju Babyface Show some weeks ago and I think it might be useful to one or two people out here as we step into 2018.

As she puts it; one of her friend’s sibling was getting married and it was mandated among the friends to buy aso-ebi. For her, aso-ebi is a ‘no no’. But in this case she was arm-twisted to pay 84K for the beautiful material.

On the day of the event, she arrived late to the reception and had to stand because there were no available sits. After standing for about 30 minutes later, she noticed a slim man in a simple babariga and slippers strolling into the party, all eyes were on this man. It was Aliko Dangote!

Immediately the mother of the bride sighted Dangote, she stood up from her sit on the high table, carried the chair and rushed down to meet Dangote. In seconds, Aliko was sitting comfortably to the spectacle of the guests.

With mouth agape, Agatha could not hide the shock. She just realized aso-ebi doesn’t make you a special guest. 84K did not count.

Agatha ended her story by saying she learned a valuable lesson on that day, which is: ‘It is who you are that matters, not what you wear’’.

Dear friend, as you start the new year, invest more in yourself, challenge yourself on how you think about acquiring stuff.

The mind is the wheel on which the life of men and activities revolves. The mind releases appropriate emotional output that corresponds with the emotional input.

In other words, what your mind releases is that which you put in consciously or unconsciously.

Humans are co-creators with God because the thoughts they think and words they speak and the actions they take are constantly creating their future.

Spoken words come from thoughts, which have force, energy. Energy subconsciously pushes people to take action. It is those who control their thoughts, words and actions who control their future.

N.B: An understanding of how your mind works and how you can take strategic actions to manage your own wealth and riches and how to get the things you want the most in life should be the greatest thing you clamour for this year.

The greatest education focuses on the management of ones’ own mind, how the mind functions as well as the elements the mind uses in its operations and activities.

This new brand of education and learning involves seeing the future in the present, the elements that makes up the future and practical ideas for changing your life. Mind education deals more about the realm of thought and how organized thought is the most powerful energy available for man.

In conclusion dear friend, I want to say it is important to look good, and get a decent formal education, but above all, I urge you to clamour for a new thought process towards whatever it is you want most in life.

Be it enlightenment, promotion, fame or riches, remember ‘it is who you are that matters, not what you wear’’. Keep educating yourself and I guarantee you sparkling success this year.

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